Nearly six months into the Biden-Harris Administration, ordinary Americans are increasingly wondering who is really running the country.

Joe Biden is ostensibly the president, yet he continues to show signs of cognitive impairment — despite the controlled media insistence that all is well and there is nothing to see here.

A politician for more than 40 years, Biden is still able to read prepared remarks in front of a TelePrompter but appears to have difficulty answering impromptu questions — fumbling ordinary words, forgetting what he was speaking about in mid-sentence, sometimes even ceasing to speak altogether.

After a number of…

In 1933, the newly elected Nazi Party used the excuse of a firebomb attack on the German parliament building, the Reichstag, to push through what was called the Reichstag Fire Decree (Reichstagsbrandverordnung).

This hastily crafted “emergency” law striped German citizens of most of their civil liberties and authorized unprecedented punitive action against a host of political parties — socialists, German conservatives, Catholic centrists, Jewish organizations, anyone who didn’t toe the Nazi line.

It also allowed for the censorship and even outright suppression of publications critical of the Nazi regime.

This was temporarily necessary, the Nazis said, for “the restoration of…

If the first Democratic debate of the 2020 election revealed anything, it’s just how large the gap has grown between the Democrats’ “progressive” base and the American public.

Here are just a few of the issues in which the candidates are wildly out of step with average Americans:

Mass Immigration. According to the May 2019 poll from Gallup, immigration is now viewed as the second most important concern (19 percent) among all voters, after the loss of faith in government leaders (23 percent). …

There is an opening for 2020 Democrats. Donald Trump is not a panacea, especially not for conservatives. To his credit, he’s exposed massive, structural problems that have been exacerbated for generations by careerist politicians.

Yet his actions, while a step in the right direction, haven’t done much yet for the average Joe. And the free market ideologues and corporate shills in the GOP either stand in his way or won’t help.


But for the 2020 Democrats to take advantage of this they need to set aside their take-no-prisoners extremism…

I know plenty of Democrats. Both of my parents were Democrats. Some of my siblings. Almost all of my cousins.

Heeding President John F. Kennedy’s call to ask not what your country can do for you, but to ask what you can do for your country, they believe government should protect working families against the predatory practices of multinational corporations such as Amazon, Facebook and Google.

They fought and continue to fight bravely, both on and off the battlefield, in defense of America’s founding principles of free speech, freedom of religion and of conscience, freedom of association, freedom from unreasonable…

My children were exasperated.

About once a minute, I hit the pause button on the TV remote, just long enough so I could catch the French word scrolling across the bottom of the screen in the subtitles.

I was watching Zone Blanche, a new French TV thriller on “Netflix.”

My family watches a lot of foreign films and television — everything from Finnish crime dramas to Australian soap operas about obstetricians. Usually, we use English subtitles for the Finnish and Australian TV shows so we know what they’re saying.

The great thing about Netflix is that you can set…

Few people know this, but our age is an amazing time for people who love philosophy.

When I was in college 30 years ago, philosophy was strictly an academic exercise and there were few resources available for people, like me, who view philosophy more as a way of life or avocation than as a job.

Today, however, all that has changed.

There are three or four excellent “magazines” about philosophy — such as Philosophy Now and The Philospher’s Magazine — that are filled with funny, off-beat, irreverent articles about philosophical topics. …

Even before the coronavirus crisis hit, university education in the United States was in serious trouble.

According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, enrollment has fallen 11 percent since 2011 — down 2.6 million students.

The decline has hit every sector, public and private, four-year and community college.

What’s more, 41 percent of students who start college fail to finish after six years, often because they can’t afford to continue.

To top it off, fully 70 percent of U.S. college students now incur student loan debt.

The most recent figures are that some 44 million Americans now owe an…

The Covid-19 crisis highlights how the interests of individual patients and those of public health officials can sometimes be at odds.

In other words, the general advice that government officials give from a public health perspective — looking at the proverbial bigger picture, the statistical aggregate — might not actually be the best advice for you personally or for the members of your family.

One example: From the earliest days of this coronavirus crisis, public health experts all over the world have insisted that patients should stay at home unless their symptoms become severe. …

As America girds its loins for the trench warfare of the upcoming presidential election, it’s good to remember that “fake news” — and dirty politics — are hardly new.

In fact, as Machiavelli taught us, they date back to the dawn of community life.

During the bitter presidential campaign of 1864, a pair of New York journalists sought to spread the false story that Abraham Lincoln planned a nationwide program of forced intermarriage between poor whites and freed black slaves.

Republicans had no such plans. Instead, they merely said that marriage was a private matter.

But Lincoln’s opponents wanted to…

Robert J. Hutchinson

Author of What Really Happened: The Lincoln Assassination (2020):

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